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Current Version 1.1.7

1 Intro

Thank you very much for buying our Brooklyn Wordpress Theme. We have created an user-friendly file documentation to help you quickly customize the Brooklyn Wordpress Theme.

We hope that you can work with our Wordpress theme easily and that you will have a lot of success with our theme to reach your personal goals.

If you have any questions, suggestions or hints that aren’t stated in this documentation, feel free to contact us at our Egotype Envato Page where we are able to provide more detailed support.

We put a lot of work and spend many hours into the Brooklyn Theme and we are full of hope that you will love the theme as much as we do.

We try our best to setup and design a special Blog Theme with a lot of nice and helpful features, lovely styles and great design. For an author it is very important to get customer feedback. We need to hear what could be better, what is needed and where are problems for you as a user. Your opinion is very important for us.

So maybe we could make a deal: If you love the theme (and we really hope you will love it) please take a minute of your time and rate our theme with 5 Stars here.

If you want to rate the item less than 4 or 5 stars please give us the chance to get in contact to provide support and hopefully we can change your opinion to reach the 5 stars.

We will appreciate if you can rate and review Brooklyn Wordpress Theme on ThemeForest Rating Page.

Thank you so much and have fun with our wordpress theme.
Egotype Design

2 Installation

2.1 Theme Installation

  1. Login to your Wordpress admin panel. When you logged please navigate to AppearanceThemes . There you will find an overview of your already installed wordpress themes.
  2. Click Add New at the top of the themes page. If the next page is loaded please press Upload Theme . A upload will be shown - please press and follow step 3.
  3. Please go to the folder where your file is located (Attention: please use the zip file - do not extract the files before) The brooklyn zip is included in the files that you have downloaded from Themeforest. Please select the zip file and press Install Now.
  4. When file is uploaded and installed please click Activate to make sure that the theme will be activated as your used theme in your Wordpress installation.
brooklyn docu
DO NOT unzip this "" folder! This particular .zip folder should remain zipped. If you try installing the entire zipped theme package or another incorrect file, you'll likely receive this error message: "The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed." If you receive this error message, please be sure that you're installing the ZIPPED file titled "".

2.2 Plugin Installation

After activating the theme you will see the notification message on the top of the admin page.

  1. Please click Begin Installing Plugins .
  2. Please select all the plugins in the list and choose Install from the drop-down menu. If done please click Apply .
Brooklyn Blog Theme requires some additional plugins to operate and work correctly. It's easy to install and activate them in one click.
If you don't want to install and uses a Shop System on your Wordpress Website, you don´t need to install or activate the following plugins:
  • WooCommerce
  • YITH WooCommerce Quick View
  • YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

2.3 Theme Update

There are a couple of ways to update the Brooklyn Wordpress Theme to the latest version:

But before you update: Let's do a backup of your theme.

Backup the current version of the theme. To create a backup of your theme we highly recommend to install and use the "UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin".

  1. Navigate to PluginsAdd new
  2. Search "UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin" (Screenshot below)
  3. Install and activate the plugin
  4. Navigate to SettingsUpdraftPlus Backups
  5. Click Backup Now

To restore the theme and system to the latest backup, please click Restore and follow the steps in the description.

brooklyn docu
Method 1: Update Through Wordpress Admin Panel

For this method you should first install and activate "Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades" Plugin. Unzip the file you just downloaded from ThemeForest and locate the WordPress Theme (

  1. Navigate to PluginsAdd new
  2. Search "Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades" (Screenshot below)
  3. Install and activate the plugin
  4. Click on AppearanceThemes
  5. Still within the Themes section, on header tab, click on Install Themes, then on header second tab click Upload
  6. Click Browse… and locate the new theme file (
  7. Click Install Now
  8. Click Activate
Please note: If your page is cached by a plugin such as WP Super cache, WP fastest cache, W3 total cache etc., you will need to delete your cache after updating your theme. Go to the settings of your cache plugin and delete your cache.
brooklyn docu
Method 2: Install the WordPress Envato Market plugin
  1. Download the Envato Market plugin
  2. Navigate to WP DashboardPluginsAdd new
  3. Upload the Plugin (
  4. Install and Activate the plugin.
  5. Navigate to the Envato Market menu, follow the instructions to generate a Global OAuth Personal Token, and enter the Token in your WordPress Dashboard
Please note: If your page is cached by a plugin such as WP Super cache, WP fastest cache, W3 total cache etc., you will need to delete your cache after updating your theme. Go to the settings of your cache plugin and delete your cache.
brooklyn docu
Method 3: Manually Install the Update without Plugin

To install a new version of the theme manually:
Unzip the file you just downloaded from ThemeForest and locate the WordPress Theme. (

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Click on AppearanceThemes
  3. Please now click and activate a standard theme of Wordpress that you will find in the theme overview (e.g. Theme "twenty seventeen")
  4. Now choose Brooklyn Theme (theme details) und delete the theme
  5. Now please upload the downloaded Brooklyn Theme Update (
  6. Once the theme was uploaded please click install and activate the theme

Now you will find the latest version of your theme also in your front end website.
Delete the old version and reinstall the latest version. You will not be able to install the new version while the old version is still installed.

Please note: If your page is cached by a plugin such as WP Super cache, WP fastest cache, W3 total cache etc., you will need to delete your cache after updating your theme. Go to the settings of your cache plugin and delete your cache.
brooklyn docu

2.4 Theme Translation

To translate the Brooklyn Blog Theme you need the editor Poedit. Please download Poedit here

and install.

  1. Open Poedit and open FileNew from .POT-/.PO-File or choose second point Create New Translation
  2. Choose the .POT from Brooklyn Theme. You will find this file in the theme folder: wp-content/themes/brooklyn/lang/brooklyn.pot
  3. A window will displayed, where you can choose your language
  4. Press "Ok" and Poedit will give file name automatically, e.g.: if you choose "spanish" the file will called es_ES.po, if you choose "german" the file is called de_DE.po
  5. Save your created file on your computer
  6. Now you can start to translate the theme or plugin. The field on top will show you the text that could be translated. The text which is already translated will be shown on the right. The fields at the bottom will show you the source text, your translation and notes for the translator. Translation is pretty - choose a word or a sentence, put in your translation - done. Go to the next.
    • Take care of special character of the original text you are translating
    • If you want to save time and it is not necessary to translate all strings from the backend dashboard
  7. If you have finished your translation please save your file. Poedit will generate a .PO- and a .MO-File. Please upload both files into the language folder of your theme (wp-content/themes/brooklyn/lang).
To make sure the chosen and created language will be displayed, you need to set up the language also in your wordpress admin area. Go to: SettingsGeneral and choose the language in the dropdown Site Language to your needs.

3 Demo Content

Please note: Importing the Brooklyn demo content is optional.

If you want to install and work with the Demo content of our Brooklyn Theme, please fill in the following form.

Please fill in your email address and the purchase code. You will find the purchase code in your Purchase Confirmation Mail that was sent to you by Envato System.

When form is filled correctly please click the "Order Demo Content" Button and you will receive a message from us instantely. Please check also your Spam folder if the mail is not going into your mail inbox.

Thank you

Brooklyn Wordpress Theme comes with a single-click importable demo content (pages, blog posts, customizer settings, etc.) to help you get.

We recommend that you start with a new and fresh WordPress installation to get the best results after importing the brooklyn demo file. If you have an existing blog we cannot guarantee that the demo content will be looks the same like in our preview website. That is caused of your own, individual content, different usage of plugins or widgets etc.)

Before importing, make sure you have installed the Theme and recommended Plugins. Especially note, that you have installed the One Click Demo Import plugin.

  1. Navigate to AppearanceImport Demo Data .
  2. Choose the brooklyn-content.xml file for content import.
  3. Optional: Choose a brooklyn-widgets.wie for widget import.
  4. Optional: Choose a brooklyn-customizer.dat file for customizer import.
  5. Click Import Demo Data.

Remember: After importing the demo content you may uninstall the One Click Demo Import plugin.

4 Posts

4.1 Creating a Post

To create a new post, go to Wordpress admin panel and navigate to PostsAdd New .

Once you've set your prefered post format (please see also: Post Types) you can enter your post title and add your content. Remember: Please make sure to assign at least 1 category to your post. You can also add specific tags to your Post.

brooklyn docu

4.2 Post Types

Brooklyn has the option to create 4 different post formats: standard, gallery, video, and audio

In order to activate these post options, you'll first want to ensure you've installed & activated the required Vafpress Post Formats UI plugin. This Vafpress plugin comes also included with this theme. When you activate Brooklyn for the first time, you should get a banner notification at the top of your dashboard advising you to install specific required & recommended plugins.

Select the format you'd like and want to use for your Post. Each Post option will give you different content input boxes depending on the content you would like to add.

brooklyn docu
Standard Post

A standard post is the default and standard post type where you can add text and images to your post using the tools and content box.

Gallery Post

A gallery post allows you to create a slideshow-type gallery at the top of your post. After clicking the "Gallery" tab to choose this post format option, click Pick Images within the "Gallery Images" box that has appeared. Select your images you would like to add from your WordPress Media Library (the Media Library will open after click automatically).

brooklyn docu
Video Post

A video post displays a video at the top of your post. You can share videos from nearly all video hosting sites, such as Vimeo or Youtube. You only need to copy the video URL and paste the url (Video URL, oembed code or embed code) into the special input box. When you preview or publish your post, the video will appear and you will see the video on your video post page.

Audio Post

An audio post allows you to share a music or audio track and displays it at the top of the post. Like in the video post, simply copy & paste the URL of the music track (Audio URL, oembed code or embed code) into the special audio input box. When you preview or publish the post, the track will appear and you will see the audio player on your audio post page.

Additionally, also make sure that you assign a featured image to the post.
brooklyn docu

4.3 Featured Post

You want to feature a post (or more) in the Brookly Theme Blog Page Slider? It is very easy.

In order to feature a post, please navigate to Post Edit page and please set the check button in Blog Page Slider in the Featured Post metabox. You can feature as many posts as you want in Blog Page Slider, but we would recommend an amount of 3 to 5 featured Posts. (See also: Featured Post Slider)

brooklyn docu

4.4 Layout Options

Each post can be configured individually to show right sidebar or shop sidebar or no sidebar. Please choose the option you want from the select field in the "Layout Settings" metabox. (See also: Sidebar)

brooklyn docu

4.5 Metas

You may hide certain Post Meta.

  1. Go to Wordpress admin panel and navigate to AppearanceCustomize
  2. Open the Tab LayoutPost Meta
How to add additional meta information about the author:

Each post author is able to add their own social accounts and author info. The author meta information will be displayed below the post content and the author archive page below the header title.

To adjust the author meta information please go to UsersAll Users Select the Author add the Author Info and /or the URLs of the Social Accounts. To apply your updated profile and meta information please click Update Profile.

The author meta box will not be displayed when this option is not activated in the front-end customizr and there is no author description entered in the author meta information.

5 Pages

Creating a standard (static) page is very similar to creating a post in many ways and is perfect for creating pages like an "About Me" or "Contact" section on your Wordpress website.

5.1 Creating a Page

To create a new page, go to Wordpress admin panel and navigate to PagesAdd New .

Similar to creating a post, you can enter a page title, add content and assign a featured image.

brooklyn docu

5.2 Layout Options

Additionally, you have the option to choose between a number of page templates via the drop-down menu on the right titled "Template" [1]:

  • Default Template (Boxed Featured Image)
  • Full Width Featured Image
  • Full Width Headline (Boxed Featured Image; Headline in full width Section on top)

Each page can be adjusted individually to have either right sidebar, right shop sidebar or no sidebar. Please choose the option you want from the select field in the Layout Settings metabox [2]. (See also: Sidebar)

Also you can show the most popular posts at the top or the bottom of your page. You find several options in the "Popular Posts" metabox to adjust like title, position, amount or filter to adjust the information to your needs [3].

"Popular Posts" in your website could only be shown in the Popular Post area when posts were liked or viewed by visitors (this depends on your adjustment in the filtered drop-down menu).
brooklyn docu

5.3 Meta: Share Buttons

If you want to hide the Share Buttons of the Page Content.

  1. Go to Wordpress admin panel and navigate to AppearanceCustomize
  2. Open the Tab LayoutPost Meta
  3. Move the Toggle Share Buttons Page Content to the left
brooklyn docu

6 Category Pages

6.1 Creating a Category Page

Attention: Creating a Category Page is different to creating a static page (described on Creating a Page)

A category page is a dynamic page that summarize all your posts assigned with a specific category (e.g.: Category "Travel" - all published posts that are assigned to the Travel category will be shown on Travel category page).

A category page is generated by WordPress after adding a category to a post (See also: Creating a Post). It will not automatically appear as a menu item in your navigation menu. To give visitors an easy access to your category pages, you can add the category page to your menu by yourself. (See also: Creating the Menu)

6.2 Layout Options

Category Pages which display all posts to a specific category, tag, date or author (See also: Metas) are called "Archive Pages".

To change the page layout of your archive pages, head to AppearanceCustomizeLayout and choose from the layout options within the Archive section.

Brooklyn supports four archive layouts: Standard, List, Grid and Masonry. For the List-, Grid- and Masonry-Layout you can also view the First Post as Standard Layout.
You can also enable the right sidebar or right shop sidebar or disable the sidebar from displaying on archive pages.

brooklyn docu

7 Blog Page

7.1 Creating the Blog Page

By default, your homepage will also display your post feed and listing all of your latest posts for your visitors. If you would like to have your homepage should be a static page instead and your post feed should be displayed on a separate page, please follow the following instructions:

  1. Go to Wordpress admin panel and naviagte to SettingsReading .
  2. At the top of this screen, you'll see a section titled Front page displays . Click the little bubble next to the A static page option.
  3. From the Front page drop-down menu, select your Home Page (static).
  4. From the Post page drop-down menu, select your Blog Page.

The last step involves adding your Home Page and Blog to your navigation menu. (See also: Menu)

brooklyn docu

7.2 Layout Options

To change the Blog Page Layout, head to AppearanceCustomizeLayout and choose the Blog Page section.

Brooklyn supports four blog page layouts: Standard, List, Grid and Masonry. For the List-, Grid- and Masonry-Layout you can also view the First Post as Standard Layout.
You can also enable the right sidebar or right shop sidebar or disable the sidebar from displaying on archive pages.

Additionally you will have the possibility to change the order of "Promo Boxes", "Popular Posts" and "Blog Posts" on the Blog Page. You only need to drag the Feature to your needed position. (See also: Promo Boxes, Popular Posts)

brooklyn docu

12 Social Media Links

You may want to display a list of your social accounts in the Navigation Bar (see also: Navigation Bar). To adjust your social accounts navigate to AppearanceCustomizeSocial Media Links

Here, you will see a list of supported social networks followed by a text input box. If you'd like to have a social icon for a particular social network, please fill in the profile's URL for the social network you want to add.

Once you enter the URL into a related social network's text box, its icon will appear in your Navigation Bar social icon area. If a social network's box is blank, the social icon will not appear in the Navigation Bar.

Post authors have their own Social Accounts that can be defined in User Edit Page (see also: Metas).
brooklyn docu

13 Promo Boxes

The 3 boxes below the featured area slider on the Brooklyn demo site are so called "Promo Boxes". These boxes allow you to draw special attention to any page or general URL you would like.

To set up your specific promo boxes, go to Wordpress admin panel and navigate to AppearanceCustomizePromo Boxes .

Here you can enable/disable the promo boxes. If you enable the Promo Boxes you can put in various promo box preferences like title, URL or page, image and promo box title.

Images and Title are only editable when you enable the "URL" option. When "Page" option is enabled, the image and title will be generated automatically from the original blog post or static page.
brooklyn docu

16 Instagram

16.2 Add Instagram to sidebar

You can also add Instagram to the sidebar. (See also Adding Widgets to your sidebar)

Please ensure that your Instagram account is set to be "Public" and not "Private".

17 MailChimp Subscription Form

17.2 How to find the mailchimp post url?

  1. Login to your mailchimp account
  2. Go to your list
  3. Select Signup Forms
  4. Select Embedded forms
  5. Copy the link and paste into action attribute.
brooklyn docu

19 Global Theme Settings

19.1 Typography & Colors

All typography & color settings can be found in AppearanceCustomizeTypography & Colors .

Please note: You have the possibility to setup an each typography element individually. To guarantee a fast loading website please make sure you use max two font families in order.
brooklyn docu

19.2 Effects

To enable or disable the site-wide effects "Posts Lazy Load", "Sticky Navbar" and "Button Scroll Top" go to Wordpress admin panel and navigate to AppearanceCustomizeEffects .

brooklyn docu

19.3 Favicon & Title

The site identity section in the customizer allows you to change the site title and description of your Wordpress theme. Here you also able to upload your personalized favicon. To make your setup please go to Wordpress admin panel and navigate to AppearanceCustomize and click on the Site Identity tab.

brooklyn docu

20 Media

20.1 Template Images

Brooklyn automatically resizes all uploaded images to the following image sizes:

  • fullwidth-thumb: 1800px, scaled
  • full-thumb: 1170px, scaled
  • large-thumb: 600x400px, cropped
  • small-thumb: 320x240px, cropped

20.2 Post Images

There are also default image sizes in Wordpress. To define these settings please navigate to SettingsMedia :

  • Thumbnail
  • Medium
  • Large

The default Wordpress image sizes are not used by the Brooklyn Blog template. Nevertheless your will be able to choose the default image sizes in the style editor if you want to add an image or a gallery.

If you have installed our Brooklyn theme on your existing blog with existing images we strictly recommend that you should regenerate your images to make sure that everything will be work fine as best as it is possible.
Galleries and Images

With the style editor you will have the possibility to include galleries and images into your blog post.

To include galleries or images please do the following steps:

  1. Click the position in the content textarea, where you want to include your gallery. (See also: Creating a Post, Creating a Page)
  2. Click Add media which is located on the top of the toolbar.
  3. Click to Create Gallery on the the left sidebar.
  4. Now please choose the images you want to include into your new gallery.
  5. When finished please click to Create new gallery on the right bottom corner on the right sidebar.
  6. In the following window you can change the order of your added image easily via drag and drop.
  7. Also you are able to adjust amount of used columns and the sizes of the images. Additionally you can setup to which target the images will be linked. Choose the link to the media file to enlarge the images via a lightbox.
brooklyn docu brooklyn docu brooklyn docu

If you only want to add an image into your blog post, please click to the image directly in the "Insert Media" window, do your image setup (same window) and insert the image.
The image should be enlarge in a lightbox when the visitor is clicking to the image? No problem. The only thing you need to do is that you make sure that you will provide an image caption text (you will find a caption field on the right of the media library).

brooklyn docu

21 Google Analytics

Today it is very important to know all web traffic data and deeper information about your website. For this we highly recommend that you will connect your new Blog to your Google Analytics Account to have always the actual data of your blog.

To connect your Brooklyn Wordpress Theme to your Google Analytics Account we recommend to use the free WP Plugin "GA Google Analytics”. Please go to your plugin section in your wordpress backend. On the top you will find a button Add new - please click and enter "GA Google Analytics” into the search form that is placed on the right side of the plugin page.

If your search was successful please click to the Install now Button. Now the the plugin will be installed. Before using please make sure that you will activate the GA Google Analytics in your plugin overview page. Now you can follow the steps that are need to connect to your Google Analytics Account and enter your ID.

brooklyn docu

22 WooCommerce Shop

When you first install the Brooklyn theme, the shop isn’t active. This is because the shop features will be activated once you install and activated the free WooCommerce plugin.

You can also find the extensive documentation for WooCommerce on: WooCommerce Documentation
Video Tutorials: WooCommerce Video Tutorials – Scroll down to "Installing WooCommerce" and select a tutorial

22.1 Installation & Setup

If you're ready to begin setting up your webshop, you can install the WooCommerce plugin. (See also: Plugin Installation).

Don’t forget to activate the WooCommerce Plugin. If you only wan’t to use the Blog Feature of the Brooklyn Theme (without Shop), the woo commerce plugin installation isn’t required. In this case to ensure optimal performance, deactivate and delete the plugin. Wordpress Admin PanelPlugins

If you have installed WooCommerce not yet, WooCommerce will start the setup assistant automatically after installation. To save time we recommend to do the basic setup via the assistant.
If you skipped the wizard or want to re-install the WooCommerce pages, go to WooCommerceStatusTools and use the page installer tool Install WooCommerce pages.

WooCommerce Setup Wizard

Click to Let's go!

brooklyn docu

On the next page of the assistant you will get an explanation, that some pages will be created automatically (e.g.: Shop, Cart, Account, Checkout etc.) Click Continue to create these pages for WooCommerce.

On the next pages you can enter settings to shop location, shipping costs, taxes and payment methods. If you don't want to set up these settings now you can also skip this. You are able to change these settings also later in the settings of your WooCommerce plugin. Otherwise click continue.

brooklyn docu

On the last page you can create your first product optionally. Click to Create your first product.
You also can leave the assistant and add your products later.
For this please navigate to: WP DashboardProductsAdd new.

brooklyn docu

22.2 Settings

You can edit global shop settings WP DashboardWooCommerce.
On the left side (of WooCommerce tab) you can edit your settings in the subordinated section Orders, Coupons, Reports, Settings etc.
Some section also contain a tab where settings can be made.

You should be familiar with WooCommerce settings - please go through the WooCommerce Settings to be able to configure the shop to your needs.
A detailed documentation you will find here: WooCommerce Settings
brooklyn docu

22.3 Creating a product

To create a new product please go to WP DashboardProductsAdd new.
Similar to creating a post, you can enter a page title [1], add content [2], product categories [3], product tags [4] and assign a product image [5].
Additionally you can add further images by clicking "Add product gallery images" on the left bottom panel Product Gallery [6].

Use the tab Product data [7] on the left side to edit product information. Here you can enter settings for price, stock, inventory etc. You can enter also an additional short description on the field Product short description [8].

A detailed documentation for product settings you will find here: Setup WooCommerce Products

brooklyn docu

22.4 Sidebar & Widgets

The WooCommerce plugin also have customized widgets that you can add to your sidebar or the the additional shop sidebar of WooCommerce. Navigate to WP DashboardAppearanceWidgets.

On the left side all widgets are listed. WooCommerce widget are always recognizable by starting with the name "WooCommerce".
Simply drag & drop a widget on the left into the sidebar or shop sidebar.

brooklyn docu

To enable or disable the sidebar area on your shop and product pages, head to AppearanceCustomizeLayout and choose the Shop section.
You can also enable or disable the sidebar or shop sidebar on the Shop and Single Product Page. To edit the sidebar for account, cart, wishlist and checkout, navigate to WP DashboardPages.
Select the page and choose the option you want from the select field in the Layout Settings metabox and click Update.

brooklyn docu

22.5 Cart

To disable the card on the menu:

  1. Navigate to WP DashboardAppearanceCustomize
  2. Open the Tab HeaderNavigation Bar
  3. Move the toggle Show Cart to the left
  4. Click Save & Publish
brooklyn docu

22.6 Metas

You may hide certain Product Meta.

  1. Go to Wordpress admin panel and navigate to AppearanceCustomize
  2. Open the Tab LayoutPost Meta
brooklyn docu

22.7 Quick View & Wishlist

The Brooklyn Wordpress theme will come with additional two shop extensions. To use these extensions you need to install and activate the plugins YITH WooCommerce Quick View and YITH WooCommerce Wishlist. (See also: Plugin Installation).

After installation and activation of the wishlist plugin an additional page will be created on WP DashboardPages.

  1. Quickview: On the shop page (product overview) you will get a zoom icon when you go over a product image (mouseover). With clicking to the zoom icon the product details will be shown in a popup.
  2. Wishlist: On the shop page (product overview) you will get a heart icon when you go over a product image (mouseover). With clicking to the heart icon the product details will be add to the wishlist. On the product page you can add your product to wishlist with "Add to Wishlist".

Settings of the features "Quick view" and "Wishlist" can be edited in WP DashboardYITH PluginsQuick View and WP DashboardYITH PluginsWishlist

22.8 Adding Shop Pages, Products, Product Categories and Product Tags to your menu

To show your shop on your Website you need to add the shop to your menu. Please navigate to WP DashboardAppearanceMenus. (See also: Menu)

With the installation and activation of WooCommerce new menu options, e.g. Products, Product categories Product tags and WooCommerce endpoints are available.
After executing the WooCommerce assistant you will also find additional pages ("Shop", "Cart", "Checkout" and "My Account"). After activation of the wishlist plugin you will also see the page "Wishlist".

Activate the checkboxes beside to the menu elements that you want to add to your menu. If you have done your selection please click to Add to menu. Via drag and drop you can arrange the menu to your needs or create submenus. If finished, please click Save menu to save your settings accordingly.

brooklyn docu

23 Changelog

Version 1.1.7

Release Date: Nov 15, 2019

– Fix: Instagram Feature
– Update: Woocommerce Templates

Version 1.1.6

Release Date: May 02, 2019

– Update: Woocommerce Templates

Version 1.1.5

Release Date: Jan 08, 2019

– Update: Woocommerce Templates
              – Update: Shop layout as dynamic feature
              – Fixed: Sponsored Post Permalink

Version 1.1.4

Release Date: Apr 19, 2018

– Update: Woocommerce Templates

Version 1.1.3

Release Date: Nov 16, 2017

– Update: TGM Plugin Activation Library
– Fixed: Sponsored Post Widget external link
– Added: Sponsored Post Link to image
– Added: Promo Box link target option

Version 1.1.2

Release Date: Nov 16, 2017

– Update: Kriki Customizer Library

Version 1.1.1

Release Date: Oct 24, 2017

– Update: Woocommerce Templates
– Fixed: Media upload classes
– Fixed: CSS width Shooping cart for mobile view
– Fixed: Recent Posts Widget (number)

Version 1.1.0

Release Date: June 21, 2017

– Added: RTL Support
– Added: WPML Support
– Added: Woocommerce Support
– Added: Shop Sidebar
– Added: Customizer Shop Settings
– Fixed: CSS Search Form 404, Search

Version 1.0.3

Release Date: June 21, 2017

– Added: Widget styles Contact Form 7
– Added: Customizer option font color h1 - h6 headings
– Added: Customizer option font menu
– Added: Customizer option alignment post header, tags and excerpt
(options: left, centered, right, justify)
– Added: Popular Posts / Recent Posts Widget grid / list option
– Update: Customizer library
– Fixed: fullwidth slider max image size: 1800px, scaled
– Fixed: Font size of lists and tables is customizable font size of copy text
– Fixed: CSS top margin full-width / multiple slider

Version 1.0.2

Release Date: June 10, 2017

– Fixed: Link header logo
– Added: Font size copy text

Version 1.0.1

Release Date: June 09, 2017

– Fixed: CSS menu link
– Fixed: CSS Instagram footer
– Fixed: CSS input fields contact + comment form
– Fixed: CSS space content on archive
– Added: Customizer option author meta box
– Added: Customizer option header logo desktop view

Version 1.0.0

Release Date: June 06, 2017

First Release

24 Credits

Post Images are used in the demo: Unsplash

25 License

The Brooklyn Wordpress Theme of our items are covered by Themeforest license Themeforest License

26 Support

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